Receiver of Blessings

Receiver of Blessings September 15, 2022

Many years ago, I gave a workshop on the power of blessings.
Not necessarily the blessings that come from scripture rather the blessings we can offer each other.
During an exercise, where the participants were given the mission to create a blessing for their partner the beautiful energy of giving filled the room.
However, when it was time to be the receiver of a blessing, the room reached an unexpected emotional high.
Unveiling the difficulties many had with receiving a blessing.
Tears, laughter, sadness and joy caressed all of us.
By the last day receiving a blessing had become a moment all waited for with great anticipation.
When we learn to receive, our heart opens yet another gorgeous entry into the gardens of our soul.
Inviting the gifts of togetherness and unity into our moments.

May we walk the road of compassion,

kindness and self-love.

May we walk the road of patience, acceptance,

peace and justice.

May we walk the road of hope, courage

laughter and connection.

May we walk the road accompanied by our dreams,

the road of quietude and calm.

May we walk the road of gratitude and awareness.

May the blue skies above, embrace us as we travel our road.



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