Giving May Come in Different Shapes and Colors

Giving May Come in Different Shapes and Colors November 23, 2022

Thanks to Giving


 Thanks to giving.

Offer your knowledge, wisdom and experience.

Share your stories, sing your songs.

Listen with intent, provide your compassion.

Gift the gentleness of an unconditional embrace.

Devote a moment to making it better, learn his language, honor her needs.

Swim side by side in the ocean of humanity, this is your heart giving.

It is in giving that we connect with each other and the world.

May we all be touched by the grace of giving.


I remember as a little girl my mother told me stories of the “giving” blue box that sat above the counter of her small Washington Heights apartment.

Her family had immigrated from Germany in 1937, out of a necessity to survive.

Her grandfather immigrated from Russia for equally important reasons.

The family of 6 lived in a two-bedroom home, food was stretched to the maximum, extra money was scarce.

The blue “giving “box was to receive a coin a week from the family.

When it filled up, despite their tuff situation, they gave it to those last fortunate then themselves.

She remembered the excitement of handing over the full box to the needy hands waiting.

My father’s family immigrated to Cuba in 1930 from Poland out of a necessity to survive.

All five of them lived in a small home, little to eat and nothing to spend.

My dad shared stories not of his hungry childhood, rather his unique, close friendships.

The giving they exchanged was not financial rather compassion, kindness and a deep caring for one another.

Among these friendships, I witnessed the giving they exchanged through the years.

Giving comes in many shapes and colors but almost always creates a better moment for someone.

Therefore making room for a moment of joy.


A homeless man with his home. thanks to giving.
Photo By Susan P Lax

Susan P Lax

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