I Marched With Thousands Fighting Anti Semitisim

I Marched With Thousands Fighting Anti Semitisim November 18, 2022

Two people holding hands in unity, fighting hatred.
Photo by Susan Lax


 There is never room for bigotry, racism, or ill treatment toward anyone.

There is never room for actions of abhorrence proclaiming to be just.

There is never room for hatred.

There is always room for kindness.

There is always room for love.

There is always room for respect.

Allow room for all that can make the moments of our world better ones.



I wrote this Morning Inspiration after the march in Charlottesville when slurs of hatred and calls against Jews were shouted in the streets.

I sent this Morning Inspiration out once again when the Tree of Life synagogue shooting murdered Jews in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburg.

And then I sent this Morning Inspiration yet again, when I marched with thousands fighting

antisemitism over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The cold winds of my people’s past echoed with a force that I had believed would never confront my children nor my grandchildren.

Their grandmother fought those cold winds of evil with her resilience and her survival.

We are in times where hatred has a voice stronger than kindness.

We cannot allow that.

Where sounds of justice and compassion are harder to hear.

We cannot allow that.

I trust that we are better than that.

At the center of my soul, I believe in the goodness of humanity.

I have faith and proudly own hope.

But that is not enough.

Hands must be held, words of good must be spoken and unity must stand up to the painful hatred that so wants to stay.

May our togetherness pave the roads of peace and love for the generations to come.


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