Why Food is Much More than a Dish at my Holiday Table

Why Food is Much More than a Dish at my Holiday Table December 17, 2022

Why Food is Much More than a Dish at my Holiday Table

Food is a greater unifier

Food Fragrances at Our Holiday Celebration

Every holiday brings a scent of cooking and baking that fills a home, each with its own unique dish at the table.

While faith traditions may differ, food always plays a central part in holiday celebrations.

Our families and loved ones gather and expect the smell of pies and cakes in the oven.

Or we are welcomed by the deep fragrance of a roasting turkey or brisket.

This time of year, the memories of fried jelly donuts, (Suvganiyot), and fried latkes, (Potato pancakes), awaken my childhood senses, bringing a sweet smile of Hanukkah delight to my moment.

Above all, as a mother of three delicious girls, I know how important it is to create new and exciting holiday cuisine that can become family traditions.

Little did I know that it would become much more than a dish at my holiday table.

A Carrot Soufflé, a Familiar Celebratory Scent.

During every holiday celebration, my famous carrot souffl’e  sits beautifully on the holiday table. Immediately after first introducing it to my family it became a favorite, providing a familiar celebratory scent to our family holiday gatherings.

During lockdown, when being together was a distant dream, I decided to prepare my carrot souffl’es, hoping to provide my daughter and husband with a moment of certainty to our small holiday table.

That is when I wrote this Morning Inspiration, reassuring myself and those around me that it would be alright, just a different kind of alright.



It Will Be Alright, Just a Different Alright.

Approximately 30 years ago I received a recipe for a carrot souffl’e.

An immediate love affair developed between my family and this delicious souffl’e.

Over the years it has found a special place at our holiday meals.

  Finding its way to the tables of family members and friends.

Creating connection with an orange sweetness.

This morning, as I took out two carrot souffl’es from the oven in preparation for Hanukkah,

a moment of acceptance occurred.

This year carrot souffl’es will be on a different kind of holiday table.

 Adapting a meaningful thought of a dear woman into my moment:

“It will be alright, just a different kind of alright.”.

Alright comes in different colors and different shapes.

Alright changes constantly.

Alright is a good beginning to the next wonderful moment.

Welcome the alright of your today!


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