December 7, 2019

What is the kingdom of God? This is an enormously heavy concept to look into and ponder on a theological level.  For the sake of brevity and without beating around the bush, let’s keep it simple by looking at one aspect of St Luke’s perspective on the kingdom.  In Luke 10:9, when commissioning the apostles with the work of evangelizing the world and giving them directives on how to go about it more specifically, Jesus tells them: “heal the sick who are… Read more

December 4, 2019

In 2020, I will have the honor and privilege to commemorate 2 very important landmarks in my personal and professional life: 11 years of marriage but 15 years of unity with my wife and 27 years in the field of customer service. Looking from the outside in, some would say and argue and somehow see a connection and correlation; how one is conducive to the growth and nurturing of the other in certain contexts and ways; one being an excellent… Read more

November 30, 2019

Today, everyone is a politician; as long you have some electronic device and a platform like social media, you can start a revolution from the comfort of your own home; in your  pyjamas on a random Saturday afternoon; make sure to get those thumbs-up and subscribers! Times have changed let me tell you; as a pre-net generation Xer, if you wanted to bring the noise when I was a kid, you took to the streets, used your mouth and on-the… Read more

November 28, 2019

We are our thoughts, thus we become our thoughts: They create the landscape of our emotional and spiritual lives. If we choose to empower negative thinking, our decisions and actions, the fruits of our own thoughts will follow suit resulting in perpetual unhappiness and misery in our lives. The same theory applies for the power of positive thinking except we garner the polar opposite with respect to the quality and nature of our emotional and spiritual existence. It’s all about… Read more

November 23, 2019

The story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37 is an epic scriptural example of what lies at the heart of compassion; it is the blue print for and archetypal with regards to formulating and nurturing a mind set, attitude and life model for compassionate living; on an individual and communal level. We can interpret this passage in many ways; indeed God is trying to teach the doubtful experts of the law in question about what is truly central to… Read more

November 21, 2019

The question is rhetorical and fundamental to our faith development; St. Paul asks in Galatians 1:10-11, “Am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still pleasing men, I should not be a servant of Christ.” Straight out, St. Paul has no qualms about discussing and clarifying his priorities. The reflection of course, is the start of a deeper deliberation and sharing of how God’s grace set him… Read more

November 17, 2019

Keep it Right, Keep it Real 1 Peter 3:4; “but let it be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable jewel of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”  I usually don’t start my blogs with a passage from scripture outright; but there was something so compelling, truthful and eloquent about this example that I could not help myself.  I’m no biblical scholar or a theologian but, if you read the full chapter… Read more

November 13, 2019

The struggle is real….I know, that’s sounds trite on an epic level. God knows how many self help/psychology resources ranging from ground braking to insipid have said the same thing in more or less words or supported this fact and reality over the last X amount of years. As someone with General Anxiety Disorder, I get it; whether you rolled your eyes at that statement or not. I also know how the struggle often exposes and demonstrates itself in my… Read more

November 9, 2019

The Wonder and Wickedness of Words Last month in my article, “The Words of Your World; Speaking Words of Life Into Your Every day ( I discussed the fundamentally important power of words and how they can set the tone for our emotional lives-everyday-24/7. Words create, define, characterize and illustrate you; they are at the heart of the artwork known as you. It’s simple and true: What pours forth from your heart, mind, and mouth reveal the true colors of who… Read more

November 7, 2019

The Practical Application of Spiritual Thinking Last week in my article, “The Inner Voice of God and The Gravitational Pull Of Humility”, (  we discussed the importance and authority of humility with respect to personal and spiritual growth and developing the ever important skill of listening to and being fearless in our trust for our intuition and conscience. In a more biblical sense or looking at it through the lens of faith, this likewise and more importantly means discerning and having… Read more

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