The Blessing of Busyness

The Blessing of Busyness February 28, 2013

Everybody’s busy. Most people complain about it. I’ve decided I won’t.

There’s a blessing to busyness, if you’re busy with things that you love. (Click to tweet this.) Here are mine:

  • Being with my wife
  • Playing with my kids
  • Leading a small group in our church
  • Serving in a job that I love
  • Writing here and elsewhere
  • Practicing spiritual disciplines
  • Reading what interests me
  • Laughing with friends
  • Cooking (or trying to cook) delicious food
  • Exercising
  • Maintaining a big yard and an old house

Some of these “tasks” represent responsibilities I have. Newsflash! If you are married, your interests are divided. You are no longer the dictator of your calendar. You don’t get to decide everything about your life. But you get to be married, and that is a really good thing.

And while I’m playing Captain Obvious, if you are a parent, you will be busy. You will not have time to do everything you want to do. You are not as able to rest because you have to care for this little human. But you get to be a parent, and that is a really good thing.

I’m busy for other reasons, too. I’m busy because I’m gainfully employed, doing something I love, that helps other people. It could be worse.

We have found people want to read what we write, y’all are curious about what we think. So we are often at our keyboards early before work or on Saturdays, because we want to steward that opportunity well.

Our church is very important to us, not to check a box or feel good about ourselves, but because humans thrive in community. And there is no higher community than the one that is honestly following Jesus together. (Click to tweet this.)

We shouldn’t be surprised that we’re busy. This arises from my theology—God has prepared good works for each of us to do (Ephesians 2:8-10). As I told a group of students a couple weeks ago, there’s not a lot of sitting around in the kingdom of God. (Click to tweet this.)

It is really important that we occasionally check that we’re busy with the right things. (Click to tweet this.)

How do you view busyness? What’s on your to-do list today? How do you feel about it? Leave a comment below.



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