HALLOWEEN: Letter for School Children

HALLOWEEN: Letter for School Children October 18, 2004

Dear School Official:

The Orthodox Christian Church firmly holds that Halloween is a pagan, indeed a Satanic, festival which in essence glorifies evil and for this reason strongly discourages its members from participating in any and all of its manifestations.

We take great pains to protect our children and ourselves from disease and harm. We teach them good nutrition, hygiene and personal safety. We discourage them from engaging in fornication, substance abuse and other immoral and dangerous acts. Why do we allow them to dabble in darkness? Even if Halloween was good, clean, innocent fun, to what benefit — spiritual, intellectual or otherwise — is this for a Christian? Let’s teach our children to surround themselves with what is good and to “walk as children of light” (Eph. 5:8).

I respectfully ask that you excuse the bearer of this letter from school activities pertaining to Halloween on [Date(s)].



Parish Rector

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