Of Course Sponge Bob is Gay!

Of Course Sponge Bob is Gay! January 26, 2005

Folks, be real. Can you imagine ever seeing Sponge Bob get married? To whom? Patrick? Squidward is certainly an “old maid” if I ever saw one.

Hate to break it to you: Bugs Bunny? Gay.

Ever seen Mrs Fudd? Gay, I say!

Barney? Never trust a man who giggles … much less a dinosaur.

Droopy Dog? Don’t get me started …

For the record, about the record, I believe the Tolerance Cause a slippery slope. As Dr Peter Toon taught us in seminary, “Read the Bible, cover to cover, and you will not find a ‘tolerance commandment’.” (Neither am I advocating “intolerance” as a virtue.) Secondly, you don’t love a sinner all the way to Hell … but I digress.

When sexual sin is no longer defined by the way you ACT, what you do, but an inherited, genetic, predisposition (mannerisms, tastes, bachelorhood, etc) — well then it becomes a whole lot easier to label something as queer. Then, that being the case, tolerance for a passive quality is dictated by sheer good manners.

James Dobson’s campaign against a video starring popular cartoon characters is justified in one sense — that being that we’re on our way down that slippery slope and have been for some time. But painting beloved cartoon characters as sodomites does justice to no cause.

Wait. It seems Dr Dobson’s words have been misconstrued: “I said no such thing.”

The above linked article goes on to quote from literature previously distributed by the We Are Family organization. Mind you, this is given to schools to educate our children:

“The institutionalization of heterosexuality in all aspects of society includes the idealization of heterosexual orientation, romance, and marriage,” the guide states. “Compulsory heterosexuality leads to the notion of women as inherently ‘weak,’ and the institutionalized inequality of power: power of men to control women’s sexuality, labor, childbirth and childrearing, physical movement, safety, creativity, and access to knowledge. It can also include legal and social discrimination against homosexuals and the invisibility or intolerance of lesbian and gay existence.”

Visit their site. Read the Pledge. Is there any doubt that this organization promotes a Cause that is contrary to Christian ideals?

Though I like Sponge Bob, in this regard, I’m on Dobson’s side. I’m intolerant, I guess you’d say.

The Flintstones invited us to have a “gay ol’ time” (Wiiillll-maaa! Yelling for a woman; definitely not gay). Instead, we’ve allowed the homosexual movement to corrupt a perfectly good word — GAY — to describe a lifestyle that is anything but .

Thus, using the Flintstone’s definition, Sponge Bob is Gay.

But he’s not a Gay Homosexual …

Sponge Bob Square Pants is a Gay Hermaphrodite.

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