Lenten Breakfast Items

Lenten Breakfast Items March 16, 2005

+ fruit kabobs
+ lenten waffles with jam or syrup
+ peanut butter & honey on bagels
+ fruit salad
+ applesauce cake
+ tahini & honey on toast
+ lenten pancakes
+ lenten muffins
+ fresh fruits
+ baked apples
+ baked grapefruit
+ cereal & vanilla soy milk
+ cinnamon toast
+ good morning cake
+ kasha (or, of course, Grits)
+ granola with applesauce
+ granola with pie filling

+ oatmeal with raisins & syrup or jam

Believe it or not, applesauce works great as a milk substitute on cereals … and, equally hard to believe, OJ sometimes works just fine. (Really.)

The above suggestions come from St Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church, Wichita, Kansas. Recipes to follow.

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