Lenten Gunk

Lenten Gunk March 18, 2005

The following email, names removed, was sent to me by a pious benefactor. I found it apropos for the season — or maybe just me.

I love Lent. I always sense that an additional layer of the opaque veil affecting our vision of heaven has been lifted and that we are just one step closer. Interestingly, I am a little depressed rather than uplifted by this. Most probably the burden of my sins. Fr. N. used to say that Lent is a time when our polluted soul, as though a pool of dirty water, rests long enough for the gunk to rise to the top so that God can skim it off. That simile may not be original with him, but it certainly resonates with me, especially as we have a pond out back! That pond did not become clean until we learned to add grass carp to it, which eat the algae. Not sure I want to carry the simile any further, but you get the picture.

Last Sunday, Father N. told us about the prophet Hosea, (am I remembering the name correctly?) who had an unfaithful wife. They went out into the desert together for an extended period of time and renewed their love for each other. This “honeymoon” was a type of our Lenten honeymoon that we have an opportunity to spend with God. Lent is a honeymoon with God — that is a lovely metaphor to contemplate!

May the prayers of the Mother of God and all the saints be with you.

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