Bad, Good & Weird: Happy Birthday

Bad, Good & Weird: Happy Birthday May 9, 2005

Arrested last September when security police raided a church conference he was attending, the Assemblies of God lay pastor faces charges of apostasy from Islam and of proselytizing Muslims. Both “crimes” are punishable by death.

Here’s the story.

From the Touchstone folks, three blogs worth a look.

Michael Jackson. I liked him when he was little, just a little older than me. But since then, I’ve always thought he was weird. He wanted us to think that. Well, you know what? I don’t know how to break this to you but, Michael Jackson is weird. Even weirder are the women — MOTHERS — who’ve let their young children sleep in his bed. Anyway, what she said.

Perhaps Michael Jackson should take up wrestling. Can you see that? What? You don’t want him on the mat with your son? How ’bout your daughter? Just don’t let the girl win Michael!

Gonna go see The Kingdom of Heaven, the new movie about the Crusades? Dawn knows, and seems fairly unimpressed with, the writer. Here’s why.

Steve Beard of Thunderstruck, it seems fair to say, enjoyed himself.

And …

This week, this BLOG turns One.

Thanks for reading!

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