Mary Sells Seashells by the eBay

Mary Sells Seashells by the eBay May 24, 2005

“Could a seashell bearing an image resembling the Virgin Mary bring a windfall to an Oceanside man? Stranger things have happened. On eBay last November a grilled cheese sandwich (with a bite out of it, no less) bearing a ghostly likeness of the Virgin Mary sold for $28,000; last March a pretzel twisted into the shape of Mother and Child sold for $10,600, and last month a Doritos chip resembling the Pope’s hat was auctioned for $1,209.”

Here’s the scoop (incl quote from an Orthodox priest).

I, myself, have an old 70’s album cover with an image on it … wait. Oops, that’s Bob Seger. Nevermind.

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