The Battle of Resaca

The Battle of Resaca June 24, 2005

We took the long way ’round to the Southeast Diocese Parish Life Conference, through Chattanooga, to Atlanta from Asheville, allowing us the opportunity to show our children a peaceful reminder of a terrible time.

The Battle of Resaca, a major skirmish, is mentioned in Gone with the Wind.

The first time I visited this Confederate cemetery, I was struck by the Battle Flag flying solo. Immediately I was reminded that this would have been the Flag that these men, buried here, fought under.

It’s quite different from those who would, these days, use this symbol as a sign of bigotry and hate.

As ever, victors write histories & dead men tell no tales.

May the merciful and all knowing God, as ever, grant rest to the souls of the faithful — those known and unknown.

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