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Bric, Brac, Paddy & Wack July 21, 2005

As Bill hits the Evangelism trail, remember to put your “H” sticker on your car window. (Or should that be “R” for Rodham?)

Because she believes abortion should be safe, legal and rare, Hillary has worked for years for programs that reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies through expansion of family planning, including easier access to emergency contraception. She joined members of congress in protesting Bush Administration guidelines for treating rape victims which do not mention emergency contraception. She voted in favor of providing our women in the armed services access to abortion in American hospitals overseas, and supports legislation to make insurance plans treat family planning like any other prescription drug.

More, if you must, H E R E.

No doubt Gigi the gushing & budding abortionist will vote for Hil.
God help me.
Caution: The above link describes Gigi’s first experiences as a killer abortionist.

A while back, I wrote a piece on the struggles of the ministry (here). On another site, SM Hutchins wrote a piece about antagonists in church that is so very true; worth your time. He followed that up with a piece called Lying in Church, another worthy rumination.

And, speaking of Touchstone, this article, “What We Lose When We Forget What Sex is For” by J. Budziszewski, is fabulous. Fabulous!

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