“… for Da’ Brown tells me so!”

“… for Da’ Brown tells me so!” July 22, 2005

According to this article Dan Brown actually believes the stuff he wrote about Jesus & Mary Magdalene — being married, living long life, having children — in his outrageously best selling novel, The Da Vinci Code.

Yet, here’s …


“It astonishes me and worries me that so many people believe these lies. It misrepresents [the] church as a murderous institution.”

Cardinal Bertone Tarcisio, Archbishop of Genoa

“This is deadly poison in the garb of candy. It undermine’s people’s faith and people are easy prey.”
Dr Peter Flint, world expert on Biblical sources

“Lousy history. Anybody who knows anything about first-century history will see that this underlying material is laughable.”
Rt Rev Dr Tom Wright, theologian and Bishop of Durham

“It’s very unpleasant, everything scooped out of the trash cans of history.”
Rev Paul Raoumanet, pastor of Saint-Sulpices in Paris, which features in the novel

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