READER: Why is JP Pat Greek?

READER: Why is JP Pat Greek? August 31, 2005

Dean Calvert, responding in Comments HERE, writes:

Great questions … here’s a couple more … why is the patriarch of Jerusalem a Greek at all? And why is the synod of Jerusalem made up of almost entirely Greek bishops (go look it up – I think there are two Arabs) when the flock is entirely Arab? And why is the wealthiest of all the patriarchates (Jerusalem takes in millions per year from the various pilgrimage sites) unable to provide even the most meager material for its flock?

The fact is that the Greek government has been supporting the patriarchates in both Constantinople and Jerusalem for years. I’m not as sure about Alexandria. Someone on our website estimated the cost to Athens of the Constantinople patriarchate is $7 million per year. As a result, they have become diplomatic outposts of sorts. Antioch was “taken back” by the Syrians in the late 1800’s or it would be the same there.

The result of this colonial governmental interference is dead patriarchates, separated from the local people.

A great example of “don’t let this happen to you” and an extremely un-Orthodox practice.

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