Good, Bad, Evil

Good, Bad, Evil October 1, 2005

Oh, and if Sirius Black died in the (using alchemical terms) black book, and Albus (white) Dumbledore died in the white book, who might die in the RED, or final, sacrificial stage of the alchemical process? Rubeus (Latin for “red”) Hagrid? Someone in a family that is, well, rather red-oriented? Just asking.

Here’s the whole SCOOP.

Bishop urges church to re-Christen Halloween

HALLOWEEN must not be banned, but re-Christened, says a bishop. The Bishop of Bolton, the Rt Rev David Gillett proposes Christians should reclaim the tradition for themselves so they too feel justified in enjoying the annual festivities. Many Christians believe that Halloween has become increasingly associated with intimidation and links to the occult, but are caught in a dilemma about whether or not partake in the activities.



Regarding this horror story

If these are indeed only “fetuses” and they are simply tissue, the women who produced this tissue in their bodies might have done so in order to sell it to some people one who wanted it for whatever purposes they had in mind. In which case, this would be a bizarre business news story. It’s the woman’s body, and the woman’s right to choose. If someone wants to make lampshades from the tissue, what’s the problem, aside from poor taste?

Emm Ooo Are Eee.

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