Social Aid & Pleasure Church

Social Aid & Pleasure Church October 24, 2005

The Orange Peel, Asheville’s “Social Aid & Pleasure Club,” is also a church.

ASHEVILLE – It’s not the church your mother took you to. Highland Christian Church is a nondenominational organization of Christ followers that encourages celebration of life through love, loyalty and friendship. And it’s making its presence known in new and innovative ways.

The Orange Peel nightclub serves as the locale. A typical Sunday morning service may include music, dance, theater, film and always lots of humor. Children receive a kid’s pack contains items such as crayons, paper and other materials related to the service of the day. The services are interactive, and people are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways.

Their mission is to encourage people to remember what really matters in life – sitting on the front-porch swing and talking with family, pulling on some favorite slippers and settling down with a good book, or sharing thoughts and ideas while gathered around the dinner table.

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