HUBRIS: Hillbilly in Houston

HUBRIS: Hillbilly in Houston December 2, 2005

1) If I have to suffer another moron attempting to teach me the [erroneous] history of Christmas … or how “Happy Holidays” is a more appropriate term because it means happy HOLY days … I may, at long last, snap. Trust me, the PC Agenda dictates the eradication of Christ — not a generic holiday greeting honouring all.

Obviously, when shopping in Houston (where there’s hosts of Jews, Muslims, and You-Name-Its), I’m not going to force the phrase: Merry Christmas! What good would that serve? But the reason for the [retail] season is CHRISTMAS! So, I trust you will all honour the Feast by being found at Mass, yes?

2) When it comes to politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike thank God for the national divide on Abortion. If “a woman’s right to choose,” were removed from the Democrat platform, the lines would change. In my cynicism I’ve my doubts, many doubts, about politicians in general. May God have mercy on our nation. There’s so much to do, to change, to grow. But, God help us, thanks to [imaginary] fights over One Single Issue, we never get anything — except killing babies — done.

3) Honestly, imaginary fights over what to call the season and “Chioce-Rhetoric” determining the tone of every newscast is all a diversion. We are a divided nation at war with a militant division of Islam. Period. Opinions may differ on strategy, but if you doubt the second sentence … we’re in heap-big trouble. Yet, glued to our TV and computer screens, most do nothing while a few do silly things.

Don’t get me wrong, I can imagine going insane if my precious son, currently 7, were to die in battle. But I love my country, family/flaws/all, enough to understand that if my son loves it enough to die for it, he shames me — especially if I act like an arse after his supreme sacrifice. Like Solzhenitsyn said (and I paraphrase): “If we’d known what the Bolsheviks were up to, we’d have fought them in the streets with butter knives.”

4) Oops! Forgive me. Now that honouring homosexual practices is equated with freeing slaves and women’s equality, we now have another issue to divide us, diverting our attention.

5) Living in the nation’s fourth largest city has taught me that people are basically good. It helps that said City is in the South.

BTW, I miss Dawn Eden. Make sure you buy her book. Wait! If it’s successful, what of the Blog?

Rant mode off. As you were.

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