Mormons Believe?

Mormons Believe? December 19, 2005

* Jesus and Lucifer are brothers

* Man evolved into a god/God

* Man’s “fall” in the Garden of Eden was a good thing (eg. a fall upward)

* Mary had sexual relations with “God” (while in the form of a man) so that she could give birth to Jesus

* “God” (Heavenly Father) only refers to the god/God of planet Earth

* Mormons have the hope of becoming gods/Gods of their own planets and produce “spirit children”, who will then be born physically on that planet

* There are millions/billions? of planets in the universe, each with their own god/God [polytheism]

* There are three levels of eternal existence

* After the death of a Mormon couple, the woman will only be resurrected if her husband calls her forth by her “secret name”

Taken from Comments H E R E.

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