What Would Beelzebub Blog?

What Would Beelzebub Blog? January 6, 2006

As much as I like to rib Episcopalians, this kind of stuff is just plain nutty. (Oh, and beware of that last link which was taken from here. But it does serve to show just how far we’ve fallen).

Speaking of wikki wacki woo-woo:

“Anyone think God gave Robertson prostate cancer a few years back as a way of telling him not to say these kinds of things?”
— A comment on this over here … note, in the comments, a good question about Arius (compared to Pat Robertson). If God is as Robertson believes, Robertson is, himself, the exception that proves the rule.

Now for something completely different …

Dr Anthony Esolen’s writing in Touchstone magazine is always thought provoking. His recent comment on their Blog precipitated a bit of discussion wherein his own comment (#16, beginning “Dear M.”) is well worth noting:

The “real thing,” ultimately, is not even a good marriage or a lot of good friendships. Those are blessings, no question, but even they will not satisfy our deepest longings. I think that talk about one’s spouse as one’s source of emotional fulfillment (and I hear this from both Catholic and Evangelical promoters of marriage) is ultimately dangerous, and results in many a divorce once one wakes up and finds that one has married a sinner, and sometimes a boring sinner at that. (That oneself is also a sinner, and sometimes a boring sinner, never occurs to us, but it should.) So the first thing you need to understand — and same with the rest of us …
[Check out the whole thing, linked above.]

Much is being said, in prose and verse, these days about WATER. A blessed Feast to all! And to those on the Julian Calendar, by anticipation:

Christ is Born!

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