From Big Brother to O Brother (Where Am I?)

From Big Brother to O Brother (Where Am I?) February 21, 2006

Getting up, booting up the news, falling into depression. It’s the post-modern way.

Remember when TV, Radio, and water were free? Soon you may have to pay for Net services.

I always knew there was something dark and mysterious just waiting to jump up from under the streets of Los Angeles. (No, it’s not the remake of the “Thriller” music video.) Black Blob attacks LA.

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Speaking of music videos … there’s more here than, well, should meet the eye.

And, when it comes to music, more here than should meet the ear!

But if all this partying and blobbing don’t kill us, there’s always this and this.

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All things considered — and I do mean all things — how long before some bishop somewhere advocates THIS in a celebration of unity and diversity?

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