Judgment Day, the Movie?

Judgment Day, the Movie? April 14, 2006

Those of you participating in Good Friday [today] should skip this post. It’ll still be here next week. That said, I guess all you Orthodox, Heathen, and Lapsed are welcomed to read on.

With internet services such as Haloscan, AOL, and MSN, one can’t help but notice the continual barrage of unwanted images disguised as advertising. Recently I’ve even witnessed some dancing bikini clad gal supposedly pushing mortgages. Haloscan and other services will often advertise diets and dating services using pics of females that have, it would seem, never needed either. Their come-hither looks would almost be comical were it not for their intrusion. It do get old.

Now, after we’ve all suffered the endless hype about the Gospel of Judas, Da Vinci Code, Jesus walking on ice cubes, and such, comes …

The God Movie.

This is being plugged by Haloscan (the blog comment service). One of the more sinister aspects is the use of the “Christ of Sinai” icon in the ad campaign. Lord have mercy. The campaign makes use of hooligan style PR known as the “War on Easter.” There’s more, if you must & reader beware, H E R E. I realize that by even mentioning it I am helping to promote the movie and, seemingly, falling into a juvenile trap of an ad campaign.

Given such sad and desperate enterprises, I’m tempted to wax negative, reactionary, or apocalyptic. Instead, I find T H I S all the more refreshing. These are interesting days for Christians. More lie ahead. Actually, as ever, the time is now.

God is with us!

For those of you in the “West” (who read this anyway): May your Three Days bring you grace, joy, and salvation.

For all of us, there’s work to be done … beginning with repentance.

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UPDATE: Oh, and how ’bout this from Chuck Colson?

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