DVC: Ess Eye Gee Aych

DVC: Ess Eye Gee Aych May 21, 2006

“I don’t need someone to interpret God for me,” Mr. Jacobs said. “When I want to commune with others, I go to church.”

Maria Bolden, 42, a customer service representative for a cable company, said after seeing the movie, “If marriage is such a sacred sacrament, why is it such a problem for Jesus to have married?”

“The Catholic Church has hidden a lot of things — proof about the actual life of Jesus, about who wrote the Bible,” said Ricardo Henriquez, 25, the associate director of a senior center in the Bronx, as he waited for the Da Vinci screening to begin. “All these people — the famous Luke, Mark and John — how did they know so much about Jesus’ life? If there was a Bible, who created it and how many times has it been changed?”

Mr. Henriquez, by the way, is a Catholic who was baptized and confirmed in the church, went to Sunday school for six years, and still attends Mass twice a month.

(I kid you not.)


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