Orthodox Tent Revival

Orthodox Tent Revival June 15, 2006

Back in 1997, in the Mountains of Western North Carolina, plans were in place for the first Appalachian Orthodox Tent Revival.


Here’s what was planned: BBQ, a bluegrass band and/or barbershop quartet, a guest Orthodox “preacher” …

… and a big ol’ tent.

The idea was to bring the locals into a familiar setting — even offer familiar old hymns — and mix in Orthodox hymnody with, of course, a spirited evangelical, but Orthodox, message.

It’s a long story, but the event never happened.

It’s my fault that it didn’t; but I now wish it had.

I wish SOMETHING similar would happen SOMEWHERE in the South.

Now, for those of you who are still reading this (after, perhaps, suffering a visceral reaction early on), let me expound …

There’s nothing that prevents we Orthodox from reaching out within the culture wherein we find ourselves in order to help bring people to the True Faith.

Believe me, a tent revival has never — EVER — been a draw for me. But, an Orthodox one would certainly be enough of a novelty to attract. Even me.

And, for those who like good Southern BBQ and down home hymns and tunes, why not introduce these people to Orthodoxy?

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