Find a Dixie Diner Near You!

Find a Dixie Diner Near You! July 18, 2006

From the site — The generic restaurant chains and fast food outlets continue to choke the life out of the small “Mom and Pop” establishments we have grown to love so much. I am sad to report that some of our favorite places have closed their doors forever. But that bad news leaves us feeling anything but deflated. More than ever before, I urge you all to join us in our quest to support, promote, and protect the small, locally-owned soul food shacks, bbq joints, neighborhood diners, and catfish houses that have been (and should continue to be) an important part of our uniquely Southern heritage. Make the extra effort to seek them out, take the extra time to fully enjoy their charm, bring some friends along for the ride.


UPDATE: The link for Dixie Dining wasn’t working this morning. Check back!

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