“Defeating Sin” at Camp St Thekla

“Defeating Sin” at Camp St Thekla October 25, 2007

Fr Joseph Huneycutt’s book, DEFEATING SIN – Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever, provides a deep exploration of the Passions and the Virtues. It is also serves as a wonderful spiritual tool for making a good confession. Fr Joseph’s work was implemented at Camp St Thekla, where we used the concept in our Christian Education program. The campers and staff were blessed to be able to come to a deeper understanding of the Passions and Virtues and learn how to make a more meaningful and full Confession. Even the youngest of campers enjoyed this program, and especially found the Meditations in the book inspiring. I highly recommend Fr Joseph’s book to anyone looking for a spiritual aid to help them on the constant journey to Repentance.

— Ashley Kevorkian, Camp St Thekla Christian Education Director, 2005

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