ENDORSEMENT: Defeating Sin

ENDORSEMENT: Defeating Sin October 5, 2007

This book is like a treasure chest filled with gems of wisdom from the Fathers and Theologians of the Church. Each of these jewels help give insight to the common reader on the Fall of man, the Passions, the Virtues, Spiritual Warfare and the way toward Repentance. Fr. Joseph, in his warm personal style, not only attempts to give us a theological understanding of the themes but provides practical helps in the form of definitions, prayers, and inspirational meditations. These tools are great assets to have for those who are seeking to apply the material in order to struggle against the Passions, aspire to the Virtues, and properly prepare for the sacrament of Repentance.

A great resource for self examination!

— Constantine Shepherd, Youth Director, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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