REALITY: The First Step Toward Salvation

REALITY: The First Step Toward Salvation February 23, 2008

When I was a kid there was a TV-show that came on in our area called The Joey the Clown Show; all youngsters around the ages of 4, 5 & 6 were fans of Joey the Clown.

And on each episode of The Joey the Clown Show some of the kids in the audience were seen riding on this ride consisting of airships sailing around the globe … it was a big globe and those kids held on tight to the handlebars as their craft circled the planet.

That was cool.

Then, one day, my mom shocked me by saying that the following Saturday … we – as in ME!
WE were going with a group to The Joey the Clown TV-show …

That was amazing.

Of equal import, but certainly not in a good way, is the fact that between her surprise announcement and my circling the globe in an aeroplane, I contracted chickenpox. My skin was all red and splotchy, and here I was going to be on television!

Alas, with my skin all marred by the pox, and fearing this would show up on the television broadcast, I didn’t wanna go. In the end, my mom talked me into it.

Which turned out to be both good and bad.

The good news was – thanks to the quality of television cameras and broadcasting in the 60’s, my chickenpox was not visible on TV.

The bad news? Remember that ride that circled the globe? Boy, was I ever disappointed! The globe, up close, as we rode ‘round it on our space planes …

Well, it was just …

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Image taken from Red Skelton Gallery of Clowns.

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