What Kind of Fool are YOU?

What Kind of Fool are YOU? March 30, 2008

Recently our parish librarian reported that two Orthodox Study Bibles had gone missing from the parish library. We looked everywhere, and then it dawned on me … I said, “Look! If Orthodox people are stealing Bibles … that’s a good sign!”

You know the old Baptist trick where the pastor stands in front of the congregation and says, “Turn with me now to Second Hezechiah, Chapter 3 …”?

(I didn’t think so … Orthodox never get that joke. They always ask their neighbor: “What page did he say?”)



“Hello, Second Baptist Church …”

“Yes … uh, what calendar do y’all use?”

“I’m sorry … What? What calendar do we use?”

“Yes … I mean, do y’all use the Pope’s calendar?”

“Oh, no sir, we’re Baptist!

“Oh good … well then, what time are your Easter services?”

“Uh … sir, we’ve already celebrated Easter … but our Sunday service is at …”

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