PILGRIMAGE: St Paraskevi Monastery (2009)

PILGRIMAGE: St Paraskevi Monastery (2009) April 8, 2009

The St George Seniors Group made their annual spring pilgrimage to St Paraskevi Monastery yesterday. I’ve been blessed to join them on the past two trips; yesterday we were also joined by Fr John Salem.

(Click pics to enlarge.)

Shot from a distance, here’s a pic of the newly completed Temple dedicated to Saint Paraskevi.

The housing for the female monastics.

This is a new fountain on the walkway toward the entry of the nuns’ quarters.

Aha! The secondary reason for the annual trip … the Texas Bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets are scattered throughout the monastery’s property.

Here’e the entry way to the Temple …

One of the woodcarvings portraying a scence from St Paraskevi’s life, found on the doors leading from the narthex into the nave.

A view toward the iconostasis with the Akathistos icon still decorated with flowers.

Faithful pilgrims from St George joined in the prayers of the community — a Supplicatory Service to St Paraskevi.

Fr John Salem says: “I want one of those on our church property!”

A water tower and a windmill?

… in West University?

(Nah … I think he was referring to a bell tower.)

Our Gang.

Click here for pics from past pilgrimages.

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