Write Podcast, Win Book!

Write Podcast, Win Book! November 20, 2010

Last year around Thanksgiving, the Orthodixie Podcast took a serious turn with:

Thanksgiving: The Eighth Ecumenical Campfire.

The Blurb: “A Roman Catholic Priest, two Orthodox clergymen, a Baptist boy and an Episcopalian gal, along with a Greek layman — unexpectedly — share a Thanksgiving campfire. What do you think happens?”

Having set the storyline, I solicited listeners’ ideas for the follow-up:

Thanksgiving: The Eighth Ecumenical Campfire – Part 2.

That episode, Part 2, was written almost entirely by AFR listeners. (And, boy howdy, is it ever worth another hearing!)

Listener participation has helped script other Orthodixie episodes, namely:

Ortho-Man & the Riddle of the Psssssst!
included in We Came, We Saw, We Converted


SmallTown Heroes, Orthodox Evangelism and You
participants were sent a free copy of the excellent CD,
Lo the Hard Times

With the release of the audio version of We Came, We Saw, We Converted – The Lighter Side of Orthodoxy in America, here’s the deal:

A seasoned priest, married with children, quits.

He just walks away from parochial ministry.


Your input can be funny or serious, long or short, spell-checked or not — whatever — but it must be sent to me by the end of Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 25th, at:

orthodixie at aol dot com

(Do not send your suggestions via the ComBox of this blog.)

All participants whose entries are used in the podcast will be notified and sent a free download of the new audio book, We Came, We Saw, We Converted – available from Conciliar Press.

DEADLINE: Thanksgiving Day.

Oh, and …


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