Pomp & Circumstance, Cowboys & Cassocks

Pomp & Circumstance, Cowboys & Cassocks June 11, 2012

Just a few days prior to our parish hosting the diocesan Parish Life Conference, my oldest daughter was graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.  It was a 3.5 hour ceremony, which was followed by a late night visit to House of Pies.  Me and my son, obviously oozing energy and joy.  (But, more on that later.)

The first formal gathering of the PLC, the Clergy/Wives dinner – 24th floor, Westin Galleria.

 Fr Christopher Morris, of St George – Kearney, Nebraska, was the celebrant for Thursday’s Matins;

 Fr Richard Petranek, of St Paul – Houston, was the preacher.

 One of the favorite events at the PLC is the Bible Bowl.  

Here’s a snap of the Peanut Gallery.

 Deacon Meletios Marx of St Joseph – Houston making a Bible Bowl Fashion Statement.

His Grace, Bishop Basil hypnotizes the St Joseph Teen Team — causing us to lose, yet again, to St Elijah, Oklahoma City.
His Grace hypnotized this man at the last PLC held in Houston twelve years ago.

 The Clergy Wives enjoyed an outing together …

 Visiting an Art Museum …

 And lunching at Neiman Marcus.

  Friday evening’s Banquet in the Galleria Ballroom. 

 The Conference, which hosted over 600 people, closed with Hierarchical Liturgy on Saturday morning.

 His Grace stayed through the weekend, visiting the faithful at St Joseph Church


  and even sang some Blue Grass Gospel favorites at the Cowboys & Cassocks after-party.


 One of these things is not like the others … 
Three of those share my name, one even share’s his.  (A snap from the photo booth.)

 On Sunday morning, two men were tonsured Readers …

Reader Juvenaly (Clint) Hale …

Reader Nathaniel (Doug) Burns.

Oh!  Yes, back to graduation; here’s the youngest, 5 hours prior to their presenting, bearing the flowers for Big Sis.

And … there she is, emerging from the crowd at Jones Hall, our Graduate …
and her Best Bud on their Big Night.
So, let me just end this all right where it began:

Or, better yet …
P.S. – One more for good measure …
That’s my son on his first day of school staring up at his sis …
and staring down at her on her last day of high school.
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