Camp St Raphael 2013 – Pt 3

Camp St Raphael 2013 – Pt 3 July 6, 2013
One of this year’s Arts & Crafts projects.

Dress at Camp can be quite modest (especially on “Decades Night”).

First:  Vespers.

Then some socializing down on the ball court.  (This guy could be from North Carolina in any decade!)

This one is from North Carolina … but he’s fakin’ the hair, man.

In fact, him and his sister are fakin’ the early 70’s quite well.

The 50’s are always on option.

For this guy the 50’s are not optional.

Who ever thunk we’d revisit the 80’s?

Gayle’s in the house — everyone look busy!

(I got nuthin.)

The volleyball version of wallflowers.



In any decade, boys will be …


Girls will be …


And Mr T can fake a mean FJ.
More pics to come!

Oh — and don’t forget:
The Orthodixie (Camp) Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio!

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