Paganism, pregnancy, & parenting link round-up

Paganism, pregnancy, & parenting link round-up June 25, 2013

I just checked and I haven’t gotten around to doing a monthly link round-up since March. Oops. There’s so much good stuff that I share on Facebook and Twitter. Today I’ve compiled some of the recent best.

But first some blog business:

  • Pagan Families has joined Pinterest! Definitely still figuring things out over there. Come check us out and help us figure out how to pin stuff you want to see.
  • In celebration of Birth On The Labyrinth Path’s first birthday, Wild Mother Arts is offering us all a 10% off coupon code to the etsy shop that can be used until the end of June. The code is: LABYRINTHPATH2013 She’s got fertility, birth, nursing, and goddess jewlery there. If you decide to order something and you take a pic of your lovely Pagan goddess self wearing it, I’d be thrilled to post your photo.

    Labyrinth Earrings from Wild Mother Arts

  • Pagan Families is always looking for contributors on all aspects of Pagan family life, with particular interest in the childbearing year. I’d especially love to hear from writers who want to share a post about fathering or grandparenting.

Now the link round-up:

In case you missed it here at Pagan Families:

  • Molly’s post about small adventures could also have been called Raspberry Warrior, plus it has a sorbet recipe: “Yes, like Inanna, I faced thorny gates and descended into darkness, crawled on my knees, and gave up things that I cherished, and in the process discovering things about myself, and then returned with a renewed sense of purpose and an awareness of my own strengths…but, I got sorbet out of the deal!”
  • Adoption is something I have little experience with so I’m really happy Tara “Masery” Miller volunteered to share her first-hand experience: “Well, finally I got a vision of a little girl, not a spirit wanting to be born but a child coming into my life and I felt the Goddesses’ blessings. That’s how I knew it was time.”
  • Check the All Posts tab for more recent posts you may have missed: small sacred places, Birth Guardians series, Wednesday Wisdom meditations, and more.

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