Annual Spirit Babies Ceremony + Pantheacon

Annual Spirit Babies Ceremony + Pantheacon December 9, 2013

I’ve received word that this year’s Spirit Babies ceremony will take place on Sunday 12/15 in Berkeley, California, from 12-2pm. It’s an interfaith service for those who’ve been touched by abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth. The organizers say on their Facebook page:

Up till now, there has been little like this in the US. Women experiencing these losses have mostly been alone and isolated. There is a stigma around pregnancy loss, no matter what the cause, and little opportunity to share stories, to give and receive support and healing.

Here’s a longer description of the first Spirit Babies ceremony two years ago.



The ceremony will also be offered this year at the big, annual, Bay Area Pagan gathering Pantheacon on Friday 2/14 at 9pm.


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