What is your heart song?

What is your heart song? March 21, 2011

Matthew J. T. Stepanek was born the youngest of four children, all who inherited Dysautonomic Mitochondrial Myopathy from their mother. She did not know about her condition until after they were born. Mattie began writing poetry when he was three and eventually had several books published. He traveled speaking for peace and tolerance and served as a National Goodwill Ambassador for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association). He died just before his fourteenth birthday in 2004. At TEDxTeen, his mother gave a talk about Mattie’s view on the world and his legacy.

Mattie wrote:
“I have a song that’s deep in my heart…It’s a song with such beautiful things and I want to share it…”

Mattie’s website is still being maintained.

Houston News “Houston Children’s Chorus readies for Carnegie Hall performance”
The chorus chanted and sang some of Mattie’s poetry.

Share with me, dear reader. What is your heartsong?

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