Readers’ Survey Results

Readers’ Survey Results January 9, 2012

I want to offer a special thanks to everyone who participated in the readers’ survey. It helped me further understand what this community desires from the Staff of Asclepius.

Here are the typical types of posts people are very interested or interested in:
1. Community Linkage
2. Personal Entries from Masery
3. Guest Posts
4. Interviews

One of the questions asked was,”Share what you would like to read or see more of on the Staff of Asclepius. Even if it hasn’t been posted on the blog before.”

There were requests for more information on making gatherings, rituals, and events accessible for a variety of needs. That is a very important topic that needs to be covered at the Staff of Asclepius.

If each of you would please spread the word that I’ll conduct interviews or accept guest posts from Pagans with disabilities or developmental differences who want to share their advice and experiences. Anyone interested can contact me at tara.miller21 (at)

Holistic treatment information was also requested so I posted my foot scrub recipe and I will be posting information about the health and beauty uses of olive oil and I’ll continue to post more on techniques and concepts that work for me. I also hope readers will send in their meditation ideas and natural remedies and recipes.

Two responses really moved me. “Spiritual & religious identity related to various qualities of life” and “Personal Conversion Stories”. They reminded me of our shared humanity. How we all, here at the Staff of Asclepius know someone with or have a disability, health concern, or other such challenge. Religious philosophy can change due to disability and health struggles. Sometimes from changing our minds on how we want to do ritual, what totem or deity we want to work with, to something as complex as converting from one religion to the next.

Thank you all. Thank you for the smiles while reading complements “follow your path – it’s sufficiently interesting to keep me following you” and the bounty of ideas for future musing.


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