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Community Linkage October 9, 2012

My husband and I have been battling small black blood sucking creatures. This happened just after we recovered from almost having pneumonia. Though it’s just fleas it sound’s like a Halloween horror story. I tried, I really did, to use natural remedies. I put Pennyroyal on Rosie but they wouldn’t go away. Eventually we had to wash EVERYTHING. All the clothes and bedding. I’m weary from all of the laundry and spraying the house. I finally broke down and bought flea pills for Rosie and Raven, our cat. I didn’t want him to catch the blood thirsty critters either.

So it’s understandable why I’ve been behind on the blog. I’ve missed writing and connecting with you wonderful readers.

So without further distraction, on with the blog!

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I was saddened by Jason Pitzl-Waters announcement that The Wild Hunt is Leaving Patheos after his six month contract is up. The highly regarded blog will return to it’s original domain. One reason the blog is moving is because of Mormon ads. Since I have an ad blocker on my computer, I had no idea such ads or ads for a radical Christian university were showing up.

Please let me know what kinds of ads are viewed on the Staff of Asclepius blog. I really don’t want to go through the trouble of disabling and putting up my great ad blockers. I’d really appreciate it.

Star Foster has resigned from her post as Patheos’ Pagan Portal editor since she is busy with her relocation to the Twin Cities. So long Star and thank you for bringing me into the fold of wonderful Pagan writers here.

Thanks to Reddit poster CrustyDiamond, we can save money treating our cats and dogs.

So first off I’d like to say I am a licensed Veterinary Technician, not just some stranger who thinks this is a good idea.

Instead of purchasing the individual doses for the different sizes of your cats/dogs, you can purchase the 88-110lb pack of Advantage Multi. I prefer this brand because it treats for fleas, the 3 most common types of worms, and heartworm(note: it does not TREAT heartworm, only acts as a preventative)! Each bottle of the 88-110lb dose contains 5mls of the liquid(that’s almost 6 months worth for one cat) which can easily be dosed down to treat all of your animals no matter what the size with a 3cc syringe(DON’T USE A NEEDLE, DUH).

The dosages are, for Advantage and Advantage Multi(DO NOT INCLUDE ADVANTIX) are as follows:

0-10lbs = 0.4ml 11-20lbs = 0.8ml 21-30lbs = 1.2ml 31-40lbs = 1.6ml 41-50lbs = 2.0ml 51-60lbs = 2.5ml 61-70lbs = 3.0ml 71-80lbs = 3.5ml

For Frontline:

All Cats 0.5ml Dogs 11-22 pounds = 0.67ml Dogs 23-44 pounds = 1.34ml Dogs 45-88 pounds = 2.68ml Dogs 89-132 pounds = 4.0ml

You may find, when asking your vet, they will refuse to do this for you out of their own personal or, in a few instances, greedy volition. I had the honor of working under a vet who didn’t like taking people for all they have. He is very honest and does anything he can to save you a few dollars. He was the only vet I worked for that actually told people they could do this and had to hide it from the other vet because he would get in trouble for not making more money for them. He will always be my favorite veterinary. I left the clinic because it was in a shelter and at times I would euthanize literal scores of animals a day. It, and the bureaucracy of a large non-profit facility, weighs on you after a few years.

The other vets I worked for let myself, the people who fostered our animals(I worked for shelters mostly), and the other techs use the means of dosing, but did not want us advocating it to our clients, no matter how poor or flea infested they were. There are many testimonials on this thread now from other vet techs and from people who’s vets were kind enough to share this method with them.

WHEN DOSING YOUR ANIMALS: Always do it between the shoulders(especially for cats, they froth like crazy if they can reach to lick it), or for dogs you can do it down their back. Cats tends to salivate a lot and look agitated because their first instinct is to try and lick it off. From a first hand account, it tastes horrible and you can’t help but drool and foam at the taste. Your animal is only TRULY over dosed if they are foaming profusely, disoriented, and/or seizing. Seek IMMEDIATE veterinary care. Some cats may experience hairloss at the site of application, the hair will come back. If they get a scab(and it’s a nasty scab) at the site of application, treat will a topical antibiotic and don’t use the medication again.


Hopefully this was helpful and will save you a few dollars!

Is it Fashion or Exploitation?
Now Disabled People Are In Fashion West by Ivano Abbadessa

The UK based store Marks & Spencer has 700 locations around the world. Sebastian, a 4 year old boy with Down’s Syndrom, will be featured in their Christmas magazine.

The article finds Marks and Spencer’s publication to be a positive change.

If even publicists of prestigious brands are ready to believe that showing disabilities, in this case through the face of little Sebastian, does not push away customers but can be useful, instead, to increase product sales, this means that a key cultural change is occurring in our society that must be seen positively. Encouraging the integration of people with disabilities at all levels is a crucial achievement for a society that really aims at ensuring essential equality conditions to all its citizens.

There were varied responses to the article on Reddit, which is a site composed of different discussion threads.

Everything from a comment on the article’s title. “”people with disabilities” – just remember: “people first”” to “Oh, well that’s nice. Now disabled people are being exploited by big businesses because we’re “cute” and sell better. Seriously? Does anyone else have a problem with this?”

What do you think?

World’s First Weelchair MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fights are being organized in the UK.


Feds Settle After Deporting Man With Disabilities
Without a lawyer they forced him to sign a document saying he was born in Mexico, even though he was actually born in the US.

He was then deported, ultimately spending 125 days wandering through Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua where he slept in streets and endured abuse, according to lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union who represent Lyttle.

He finally received help from a US embassy.

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