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Community Linkage May 30, 2013

Every week there are new press releases, articles, information, and videos popping up concerning Paganism, spirituality, health, or disabilities. Community Linkage is a collection of useful information and sometimes entertainment for you. You can stay informed by adding me to one of your social circles on
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Interviewed by Pagan Families Blog

I was recently interviewed by Sarah Whedon, PhD of the Pagan Families blog about my experience as a disabled Pagan going through the adoption process. I’ll let you know when she’s posted it.

Presenting at 21st Annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic

The 21st Annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic is coming up quickly. I didn’t see the call for presenters until a couple of days ago and luckily there was a spot open on Sunday from 2-3 pm. One of the organizers, Charlynn, let me know that there were many requests for beginning workshops. I’m presenting the “History of Gaian Neo-Paganism”. Perhaps you are familiar with James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis that all life on earth is interconnected. Oberon Zell-Ravenheart took this theory a step further to say that the planet had a Goddess consciousness. He and others were influenced by the SciFi author Heinlein especially Stranger in a Strange Land. Words from that book are still used in Neo-Pagan rituals today. “May you never thirst, may you never hunger.” Since it’s short notice, it won’t be in the brochure. Please pass the word to anyone attending who you think would be interested. If you’ll be in the St. Louis area, come to the Picnic and we can meet. It only costs a canned good donation to get in.

Fourteen year old disabled comedian, Jack Carroll’s, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals performance.

Sounding Out! “Goalball: Sport, Silence, and Spectatorship”

Able Magazine reported on a video showing an brain operation/study on Parkinsonian tremors.
WARNING: This video is graphic.
“Deep brain stimulation operation shows moment patient’s tremors stop.”

BBC News Health “Avatars ease voices for schizophrenia patients” by Lorna Stewart

“Dental erosion due to abuse of illicit drugs and acidic carbonated beverages” dental academic study by
Mohamed A. Bassiouny, DMD, MSc, PhD
That’s correct. Meth and soda can destroy your pearly whites.

From the Care2 site.
“Comfort Dogs Assist Tornado Survivors” by Susan Bird
Thanks to Jennifer Gibbs for posting this on Facebook.

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