SciFi Fantasy Books for Kids that have Disabled Characters

SciFi Fantasy Books for Kids that have Disabled Characters July 5, 2013

Over at Reddit there is a pretty good thread where people are recommending Young Adult and Children’s SciFi/Fantasy books where a character has a disability. It was started by KristaDBall.

Hey everyone! In my new book, I have an amputee character. A mother of a seven year old contacted me to ask why I did it and I explained how my own Mom is an amputee, and people like her are underrepresented in fiction.
She agreed and said there are almost no books out there for her daughter, with characters like her daughter. Well! This can’t be right.
I’m putting together a list of books in all genres and age groups for this lady, so that her little girl can have plenty of books to read now and later.
If you know of any, especially fantasy or SF, please share. Thanks!!

“Brian Eames’ The Dagger Quick is the first book of a YA historical fantasy trilogy about pirates and the main character, Christopher, has clubfoot.” Trinza

“For children? I remember really enjoying The Little Lame Prince when i was younger. In it, a paraplegic prince finds escape from isolation with a magic cloak.” Catnik

Incarceron and its sequel feature a main character with seizures. Probably the only fantasy book I have seen that represented my disability, it was wonderful :)” ladraove

“The First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. One of the main characters is fondly called the cripple!” penguincckt
“The First Law is really popular with the seven-year old female demographic. Lots of romance …” ManceRaider

“There is a book I remember reading in 5th grade about a boy in a wheelchair who gets a dragon … It is called Eddie’s Blue Winged Dragon by C.S. Adler. It is about a boy with cerebral palsy who gets a pet dragon.” Nimorphi

“One more youth-friendly book I can think of is Spellbound by Blake Charlton. The disability in that book isn’t physical, but is instead a form of dyslexia. The author himself overcame dyslexia, and it actually plays a central role in the plot.” Wilmore

What books would you reccommend for children and young adults that are SciFi/Fantasy and have a disabled character?

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  • Lēoht “Sceadusawol” Steren

    Anne McCaffrey has the character Peter Reidinger in her (1990) novel ‘Pegasus in Flight’.

    Peter was unfortunate to be in the way of a falling wall, leaving him completely paralysed. Turns out he has the strongest telekinetic abilities on the whole planet, and learns to move his body (amongst other things) with the power of his mind.

    Not a book, but a television animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender features a blind girl, Toph Beifong, who has brilliant ‘Earth Bending’ abilities.

    • Thanks for the book suggestion.

      Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series is one of my all time favorites. I love Toph and she came up quite a lot on the thread.

      • Lēoht “Sceadusawol” Steren

        I forgot to add another character from Avatar – Teo, the paraplegic son of ‘The Mechanist’, an expert glider flier that Aang and friends find living in the Northern Air temple.

        (The Mechanist is technically disabled, since he cut several of his fingers off.)

        (Would you count ‘Combustion Man’ as disabled, since he has two artificial limbs…)

  • Blue :)

    I’m surprised no one has mention Far world, the story about a young boy and girl who have different disability based on their worlds, Marcus has a crippled arm and leg and has to get around with his good limbs, while Kyja lives in a world of magic but she’s the only one who doesn’t have magic. I loved the story and I wish there were more books out there with characters with disabilities who can overcome challenges even with them.