Pagans, Disabilities, and 9/11

Pagans, Disabilities, and 9/11 September 11, 2013

Yosemite: Disabled veterans to summit Half Dome, El Capitan on 9/11

“Thirty disabled veterans plan to mark 9/11 by climbing to the summits of some of Yosemite National Park’s highest and most iconic peaks on Wednesday. The climbing groups, accompanied by climbing pros as well as park rangers, set off Tuesday for the multi-day events.”

Union County honors 9/11 victim, activist for the disabled

Colleen Fraser died on flight 93. She helped draft the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Forgotten Victims of September 11: People with Disabilities

How the WTC disaster plans could have been better and saved the lives of 200 disabled individuals.

When The Gods Fell Silent: A Pagan Recollection of 9/11
By Star Foster

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