Online Astral Rituals

Online Astral Rituals September 9, 2014

The moonlight shimmered across the still silver lake. A couple dozen of us women in cloaks steered wooden ships toward an island draped in fog. The ships were intricately carved in Celtic designs. As we reached the shores our Priestess, Shekinah Mountainwater, parted the mist. We landed and made our way onto the beach smiling and sometimes laughing excited about the ritual and wondering what spirits would join us this time. Would it be fairies, elementals or ancestors? At other times we’d follow a trail to a clearing in the forest and hold our ritual there.

All of this happened from the safety of our homes while we typed in a chat. Shekinah Mountain water was leading us in a guided meditation during the full moon. To this day when I teach guided meditation I will use some of the techniques she taught us. Online rituals are a wonderful way for people with disabilities to participate in group rituals. If someone has social anxiety issues or trouble with mobility they can not only meet other people but get to imagine experiencing a fully functional body.

It also offers the opportunity to meet in person when you find out someone lives close by as I did with Shekinah. It turned out she was just a few blocks away in Santa Cruz, California so I started taking private lessons. Shekinah had cancer at the time and wasn’t able to get out of the house much. I assume she also missed dancing. She still had her voice and would sing the beautiful songs she had composed.

Some of the first online rituals I participated in were lead by a Native American Shaman. She was also a seer who was not allowed to listen to radio, TV, or get on the internet for a full month at a time so her visions wouldn’t be influenced.At the end of each month she taught a select group of us how to connect and weave energy among each other. We would take the cords of our life energy, what some would call astral cords, and connect them one by one until there was a circle spanning the Midwest to the Eastern seaboard. When we were first learning she would do it for us. My husband was in the bathroom during one of these rituals when suddenly she came zooming past him. He freaked and zipped up his pants. Without me telling her what had happened she immediately asked me to apologize to him for her.

When I was one of the leaders, the Myrdin, in the Order of the Elodrym I would lead online rituals for a small group of people across the US and Canada. We meet in a grove of trees with the World Tree standing prominently in the back. From there people could walk to the Cave of Trials or enter the World Tree and travel to the Upper or Lower realms. One of our members had severe ADHD. She would wonder off instead of following the guided meditation and we would have to bring her back magically so she wouldn’t get hurt. A couple of times she stopped typing because she was so deep into the meditation and travel. Just as I thought I would have to call her she would start typing again and let us know where she was. It can be dangerous running amok in other worlds, especially if you are new. Just like humans and animals in our Middle world, there are beings that are helpful and those that feed off of you.

Don’t be afraid though to enter the grove or take a boat to the misty isle. You’ll discover many wonders and you’ll always discover a part of yourself.

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  • Soli

    I used to be on Moonspells, long ago, and did some of those rites as well!