Pagan & Shinto News: Missouri State Rep Opposes Ceres Statue At Capitol Dome

Pagan & Shinto News: Missouri State Rep Opposes Ceres Statue At Capitol Dome December 15, 2019

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Missouri State rep asks for Ceres statue not to be returned to dome
  • Druid claims pagans being persecuted over Stonehenge winter solstice ‘ban’
  • Druid Arthur Pendragon stands as candidate in UK general election

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Left: Statue of Ceres in Austria for illustrative purposes, Herzi Pinki [CC BY-SA 4.0]; Centre: Arthur Pendragon, Chris Brown [CC BY-SA 2.0]; Right: Stonehenge, Pixabay

Pagan News

Druid Arthur Pendragon stands as candidate in 2019 general election
Salisbury Journal
Independent candidate King Arthur Pendragon answers questions on his policies…

TV star Tracey Jewel has turned to witchcraft
Mail Online
The mother-of-one, 37, made the surprising revelation during an interview with spiritual author and witch Lucy Cavendish on The Witchcast podcast last month…

The Best of Patheos Pagan 2019
Patheos Pagan: Jason Mankey
These lists get harder to do every year because there are always fantastic new writers coming into this space (with more on the way next year!)…

Witchcraft and ouija boards: why women are so interested in the occult

A splintering away from Christianity has pathed the way for alternative practices, with habits like ‘sageing’, ‘healings’ and ‘fortune telling’ on the rise…

A Witch’s Yuletide: Making the Mari Lwyd
Patheos Pagan: Laura Tempest Zakroff
And as I considered winter holiday flags, I started investigating getting one of my Solstice paintings made into a flag…maybe the Yule Goat…or the Winter King, or hmm…the Mari Lwyd?…

Yule Coverage

Druid claims pagans being persecuted over Stonehenge winter solstice ‘ban’
A crowd of 5,000 is expected at the site on December 22 – the shortest day of the year – but 400 who hoped to pitch tents say they have been thwarted…

State-of-the-art visitor center opens at Newgrange just in time for the Winter Solstice
Irish Central
Exactly 26 years after the Brú na Bóinne was dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site a new immersive visitor center has opened bringing to life the Neolithic tombs, built in c 3,200BC…

First State Satanists get permit for Winter Solstice vigil in Georgetown
Delaware State News
First State Satanists, a non-theistic modern satanic group, plan to hold a public candlelight vigil in observance of the winter solstice, the group announced in a press release Friday…

Come to Knockroe Passage Tomb in Kilkenny for amazing winter solstice
Kilkenny People
Nestled between the hills of the Lingaun Valley in Knockroe lies, An Caiseal a Megalithic Passage Tomb, the only Passage Tomb which records both the morning and evening Winter Solstice…

Shortest day of the year’s date, and how it’s celebrated
Thousands of pagans continue to gather every year at Stonehenge, and it is thought that the iconic stones were carefully placed to frame the sunset on the winter solstice…

Sankta Lucia: The Survival of a Nordic Sun Goddess

Patheos Pagan: Julia Penelope
Now you may be wondering, what in the name of Thor is an Italian saint doing as the patron saint of Sweden?…

Terrifying Christmas witches, the ‘Yule Lads’ and other festive traditions you may be less familiar with
Christmas is a Christian festival, but it has roots in much older holidays that cluster around the winter solstice, which is where most of these clearly unchristian superstitions come from…

Shinto News

Tourist tax for Miyajima, home of famous torii
It is home to the Unesco World Heritage-protected shrine of Itsukushimajinja, best known for its “floating” Torii gate…

Traditional ritual held for good fishing
NHK World
A traditional Shinto ritual has been held in western Japan to pray for navigation safety and a large fish catch…

Other News

State rep asks Parson to not ‘honor pagan god,’ direct commission not return Ceres to dome
A Missouri state representative has asked the governor to intervene before the statue of the Roman goddess Ceres returns to the top of the Capitol dome…

Goddesses on capitol buildings and the separation of church and state
The Wild Hunt
The 10-foot tall, 1,400-pound, copper statue of Ceres was originally installed on the building in October 1924…

Dazzling ‘Temple of Colored Marbles’ Honoring Roman God Discovered in Italy
Some 1,600 years ago, ancient Romans would have worshipped the god Mithras, possibly in an altered state of consciousness, within the “Mithraeum of Colored Marbles,” said archaeologists who found the remains of this temple in Ostia, Italy…

Kanji of Japan’s new imperial era Reiwa picked as representing 2019

Kyodo News
The kanji “rei” has been picked as the Chinese character best describing this year’s social mood in Japan after the new imperial era Reiwa commenced in May, a Kyoto-based academic organization said Thursday…

Animal painting found in cave is 44,000 years old
BBC News
A painting discovered on the wall of an Indonesian cave has been found to be 44,000 years old…

Stonehenge is not alone, Thracian dolmens show similarity, professor says
Hurriyet Daily News
According to an art history professor, the dolmens in Turkey’s Thracian provinces have a lot of functional similarities with the Stonehenge…

From carriages to kiss selfies: 150 years of photos at Stonehenge
The Guardian
Visitor photos dating back to 1875 go on display at ancient site after public appeal…

Ancient Egyptian headwear used for spiritual assistance in afterlife

Egypt Today
A number of researchers and archaeologists conducted a study on the waxy head cones that the ancient Egyptians wore…

Whether it’s sweet or savory, zōni soup is a new year mainstay
The Japan Times
The tradition of eating mochi at New Year’s started in the imperial court during the Heian Period (794-1185), when it was used during the Shinto “Hagatame no Gi” (“Tooth-hardening Ceremony”) ritual to wish for longevity and good health…

Mayurbhanj, India: Woman shot over sorcery suspicion of ‘witchcraft’
A woman was injured after being shot over ‘sorcery suspicion’ at Talakbadi village under Bisoi police limits in Mayurbhanj district…



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