Pagan & Shinto News: Pagans React To Stonehenge Tunnel Plans

Pagan & Shinto News: Pagans React To Stonehenge Tunnel Plans November 15, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • UK: Pagans react to Stonehenge tunnel plans
  • Patheos Pagan writers win Witchies awards
  • Ireland: Investigation launched after standing stone reinstated by farmer and druids

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Left: Stonehenge, Pixabay. Centre: Witchies logo, Right: Standing stone at Knockeen, Ireland, Steve Edge (illustrative only)

Pagan News

The Witchies Results Are In … And Whaaaat ? I’ve Won !
Patheos Pagan: Lilith Dorsey
One of the biggest things to hit the Witchcraft community this year was The Witchies awards created by Modern Witch…

Pagans react as Stonehenge A303 tunnel project set to move ahead
The Wild Hunt
Britain’s most famous monument is back in the news this week, with an update on the progress of the proposed A303 road tunnel beneath the World Heritage Site…

Builders digging tunnel beneath Stonehenge will be haunted by ancient spirit, Britain’s druid king warns
The Sun
Arthur Pendragon advised workers disturbing sacred ground at the world heritage site to “pray to their gods” first…

Ireland: Investigation launched after Cork standing stone reinstated by farmer and druids

The Irish Times
An investigation has begun into a west Cork farmer who reinstated a fallen Bronze Age standing stone on his land with the help of two druids…

Veterans Day 2020: Honoring Pagan veterans
The Wild Hunt
The Pagan community and Pagan veterans of all stripes honor the day in various ways including Circle Sanctuary’s annual ceremony for Pagan veterans…

Witchcraft becoming popular quarantine hobby
Fox 32 Chicago
Some people looking for an escape or a new hobby have turned to witchcraft…

Irish people are drawn to spiritualism – but not as a religion
The Irish Times
In the last decade gatherings at the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies, a place rooted in ancient spiritual traditions only a stone’s throw from Newgrange in Co Meath, have increased tenfold, suggesting a renewed interest in pre-Christian spirituality…

Polaris-winner Backxwash’s metal-laced rap explores witchcraft, gender, mental health

The Star
There’s an aspect of Polaris Music Prize winner Backxwash’s metal-laced raps that you won’t find in too many other places: witchcraft…

Witchcraft and Santeria are staples of Latinix culture, not a trend
The DePaulia
My discovery with brujeria started my sophomore year with moon rituals that evolved to spells with candles and incense…

Here’s everything you need to know about WitchTok
The Post
If you’ve scrolled through TikTok, you’ve probably seen some form of witchcraft or fortune telling on your screen…

The decade’s most important advances in witchcraft
Patheos Pagan: Lisa Jade
I want to spend some time considering what I think are some of the most important advances in the craft, magickal practice, witchcraft, andpaganism in the last decade…

How to create your own oracle or tarot deck

Patheos Pagan: Lyn Thurman
This autumn I’ve been stuck into a creative project – creating my first tarot deck…

Shinto News

Saipan: Japanese group marks 35th anniversary of Katori Shrine revival
Saipan Tribune
Members of the Japanese Society of the Northern Marianas and their families came together at the Sugar King Park last Nov. 7, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the revival of the Saipan Katori Shrine in Garapan—an event that was also held online to allow the participation of guests in Japan…

Sony celebrates PlayStation 5 launch at an ancient Shinto Shrine
Geek Culture
The Japanese company has found an innovative way to still celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 5 on home soil by projecting lights on the ancient Kanda Shrine in Japan…

Graphic designers refresh a historic Shinto shrine with rebranding project

Design Boom
Creative director Yu Yamada has collaborated with art director Kishino Shogo to refresh the brand identity of a historic Shinto shrine in Japan…

Anti-infection steps in kids’ rite of passage
NHK World
A rite of passage for children has been performed at a Shinto shrine in central Japan with measures in place to prevent coronavirus infection…

Japanese police hide at Shinto shrine in camo gear to catch a thief
The priest expressed his extreme admiration for the efforts of the police officers over the theft of a few hundred yen…

Inari shrines: Worshiping Japan’s most popular Shinto deity
Ancient Origins
It is estimated that a third of all the Shinto shrines in Japan are dedicated to Inari, who has more shines than any other deity in the Shinto pantheon…


Other News

A new theory of the Cult of Osiris

The Wild Hunt
Textual evidence for the name of the god of the afterlife, “Osiris,” began to appear in the 5th Dynasty. Around the same time, pyramids became smaller and their quality declined…

Syrian refugees take shelter in 1,900-year-old temple dedicated to Zeus
Mail Online
Displaced Syrian refugees have taken shelter inside a 1,900-year-old temple dedicated to Zeus rather than live in an overcrowded camp…

UK: New stone circle installed
Kent Online
Those behind the project say it was dreamed up as “symbol of permanence” for the new Gorrell Valley Nature Reserve, which incorporates both sides of the Gorrell Valley with Duncan Down to the north east…

Ancient Egyptian necropolis yields more than 100 sealed coffins from 2,500 years ago
Science Alert
Egypt announced Saturday the discovery of an ancient treasure trove of more than 100 intact sarcophagi, dating back more than 2,500 years ago, the largest such find this year…

‘Witch Hunts’ Past & Present

South Africa: Durban woman accused of ‘witchcraft’ doused with petrol, set alight
A Durban woman was doused with petrol and set alight after being accused of being involved in ‘witchcraft’…

Girls as young as nine accused of ‘witchcraft’ are tortured, sexually abused and even buried alive in Nigeria
The Sun
A woman who set up a charity to save youngsters accused of witchcraft has revealed how girls as young as nine are tortured, sexually abused and even buried alive…

How ‘sorcery violence’ spreads fear across Papua New Guinea
The Guardian
Five alleged ‘sorcery-related’ deaths – including the hanging of a 13-year-old boy – in a single week in one Papua New Guinea province, has revived a nationwide angst over the persistent crime of alleged ‘witchcraft’ killings…

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