Pagan & Shinto News: Witch Holds Queer ‘marriage-a-thon’ In Response To Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation

Pagan & Shinto News: Witch Holds Queer ‘marriage-a-thon’ In Response To Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation November 22, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • US: Witch holds queer ‘marriage-a-thon’ in response to Amy Coney Barrett confirmation
  • Japan: Shinto shrine distressed by resale of amulets
  • Russia: Statuettes of goddess Demeter and her daughter found at a construction site

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Left: Pixabay: Centre: Omamori (Shinto amulet), Rama, CeCILL <>, via Wikimedia Commons. Right: Relief with Demeter, Persephone and the child Triptodemus, Rijksmuseum, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pagan News

US: Non-binary witch holds queer ‘marriage-a-thon’ in response to Amy Coney Barrett confirmation
Pink News
Raynie Castaneda, known at The Fickle Witch, specialises in “divination readings of every kind, most especially tarot, pendulum, and rune” and is also a “witchy influencer and a Pagan public speaker of sheer force”…

US: The portraits redefining modern witchcraft
The Independent
Frances Denny’s images of modern witches around America ‘were not made to be lovely, inviting or easy’…

How Black women are ‘reclaiming traditions’ of spirituality
True follows in the footsteps of other Black artists and creatives such as Courtney Alexander, Manzel Bowman and Tayannah Lee McQuillar who have released tarot decks highlighting Black beauty, culture and experiences in just the last four years…

US: The Storm Witch shares ‘witchy’ themes through candles and tarot readings
North Texas Daily
Melting wax and dropping in dyes, scents, fresh herbs and crystals, non-degree seeking graduate student Anna Eckert is the owner of The Storm Witch, a business that focuses on selling candles and tarot readings to help those around her…

These LGBTQ+ witch books will cast a spell on you
rom Mel in Charmed to Prudence in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to Josie in Legacies, LGBTQ+ witch characters have been casting spells on us through our TV screens over the past few years…

Is witchcraft part of an anti-science renaissance?
The Independent
You can be a scientist and a witch at the same time, although not everyone is convinced that the two are easy bedfellows, writes Naomi Curston. With witchcraft on the rise, that could be a problem…

Justice Mano Cornuta: A magical resistance collaboration for fair fight
Patheos Pagan: Laura Tempest Zakroff
With two crucial Senate run-off elections happening in Georgia this January, my brain was already off and running about what’s next – both physically and metaphysically. One part of my magical resistance plan is once again collaborating to help raise funds with magically-focused art…

15 influential Pagan voices from my past
Patheos Pagan: Katrina Rasbold
These are the authors who most influenced ME as a blossoming Pagan and to whom I will forever owe a debt of gratitude for their part in creating my spirituality…

Taking a look at the top ten tarot superstitions
Patheos Pagan: Lilith Dorsey
If you’ve just started reading or even if you’ve been doing it for almost 4 decades like me, people will probably try and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your tarot deck…

Speaking effectively in ritual
Patheos Pagan: John Beckett
Last week someone asked me for tips on speaking in ritual. I started to answer, then I realized there was more than could be covered in a quick message…

Shinto News

Shinto shrine distressed by resale of amulets
NHK World
Fans of the hit manga series and animated film “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” or “Demon Slayer,” are flocking to a shrine in southwestern Japan because of its association with the franchise. But shrine officials say they are puzzled by online resale of amulets…

UNESCO to list Japan architectural techniques as intangible heritage
Kyodo News
The recommendation covers techniques in 17 areas essential for repairing and restoring shrines, temples and old houses in Japan, which are traditionally made of wood…

The Japanese pilgrimage where horimono tattoos are revered

Having a tattoo in Japan can get you stereotyped as yakuza, but on one centuries-old pilgrimage near Tokyo, tattoos are respected as they were in the past…

Other News

Statuettes of goddess Demeter and her daughter found at a construction site in Russia Anapa
Greek City Times
Statuettes of the ancient Greek goddess Demeter and her daughter have been discovered in Anapa, a town in Russia…

Greece: Ancient bust of Hermes found during Athens sewage work
Associated Press
A bust of the ancient god Hermes, in good condition, was discovered in central Athens during sewage work, authorities said Sunday…

How ancient Egyptians would join the Gods after death
Essentially, well-to-do Egyptians were buried with manuals to help the deceased transition to the afterlife and join the gods. Now a new analysis of one such treatise – Papyrus FMNH 31324, containing an edition of the First Book of Breathing – has shed light on its derivation, and on ancient Egyptian funerary literature in general…

UK: Stonehenge tunnel ‘would destroy 500,000 artefacts’
The Times
A controversial tunnel being constructed near Stonehenge should be almost doubled in length to prevent the destruction of up to half a million artefacts, ministers have been told…

Canada: Local artist introduces Slavic goddess Makosh in Gallery 101 installation
Svetlana Swinimer’s art installation, Unveiling the Goddess, introduced visitors to the many layers of Slavic goddess, Makosh…

‘Hadestown’ is a breathtaking journey to the underworld
Scot Scoop
The Broadway musical “Hadestown” is an unconventional adaptation of an old story, adding folk and jazz music to an ancient Greek myth…

The female Morris dancers redefining an old English tradition
Positive News

The Boss Morris group in Gloucestershire is rebooting a pastime traditionally dominated by men – and making Morris dancing cool…

‘Witch Hunts’ Past & Present

UK: Song about witch trials released by descendant of one of the victims
East Lothian Courier
A song inspired by the 17th-century east of Scotland witch trials has been released by a descendant of one of the women executed…

India: Suspecting ‘witchcraft’, relatives set ablaze migrant tribal female worker in Gujarat
A migrant tribal woman worker has been allegedly set on fire after being suspected of being a ‘witch’ in Rajkot district, Gujarat…

Kenya: 60-year-old man hacked to death over ‘witchcraft’ claims in Kwale
The Star
A 60-year-old man from Mukanyeni village was hacked to death over ‘witchcraft’ accusations…

Nigeria: Man accuses wife of ‘witchcraft’ in Delta, locks her in cage for three years
Sahara Reporters
According to a human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who shared the story, the man despite accusing his wife of being a ‘witch’, made his way into the cage to have sex with her…

India: Branded ‘witch’, 70-year-old woman tortured at Assam tea garden
The New Indian Express
A 70-year-old woman sustained injuries after some people tortured her after branding her a “witch” at a tea garden in Assam’s Golaghat district, police said on Thursday…

Ghana: Experts offer solutions to violence against alleged ‘witches’
A team of experts from the Ghana Sociological and Anthropological Association has made recommendations which they believe when followed thoroughly can mitigate the incidence of violence against people alleged to possess ‘witchcraft’…

The misogynistic hypocrisy of ‘witch-hunting’ in India
While we may have witnessed many a modern-day version in media trials on primetime TV, India has disturbingly seen its fair share of actual ‘witch hunting’ in the countryside…


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