Pagan & Shinto News: Experts discover ‘cures’ in bottles used to ward off witches

Pagan & Shinto News: Experts discover ‘cures’ in bottles used to ward off witches February 12, 2023

Top stories of the week in Paganism and Shinto:

  • UK: Experts discover spellbinding ‘cures’ in bottles used to ward off witches and evil curses
  • UK: Site at St Ninian’s, Kelty, set to be home for ‘Witchcraft’ memorial
  • Children accused of ‘witchcraft’ find solace in east Congo shelter

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Pagan News

UK: Experts discover spellbinding ‘cures’ in bottles used to ward off witches and evil curses
The Mirror
Researchers at Museum of London Archaeology and the University of Hertfordshire spent four years examining the 17th century containers and hope their findings will be shared at museums around the country…

The magic touch: how Paganism has become the breakout religion of the decade
Whether casting spells on Putin or sharing potions on Witchtok, modern Wiccans are on the rise. Laura Pitcher grabs her tarot cards and lifts the veil on how paganism has become the breakout religion of the decade…

UK: Spirit communicator will put you in touch with love from a past life
Liverpool Echo
Spirit communicator and witch Madame Celeste will be in the London Dungeon Tavern from 12pm to 2pm on Sunday, summoning her powers to connect guests over the age of 18 with a date from the spirit world with whom they were romantically connected in a past life…

UK: The life of a Lincoln Norse Pagan
The Lincolnite
A Lincoln woman who describes herself as a Norse Pagan white witch believes people need to educate themselves more before making judgments on her faith…

Shinto News

Bamboo pole breaks in direction of good fortune in 1,000-yr-old river ritual in Nagoya
The Mainichi
Men climbed a bamboo pole erected in a river one by one in an unusual festival held in this central Japan city on Feb. 7 before the bamboo piece broke toward the south-southeast — the direction of good fortune this year…

Local groups in Iwate Prefecture wow New Year’s crowds with folk dances
The Japan News
The Toramai tiger dance and the Shishi Odori deer dance were among the performances given at the Kozuchi Shrine in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, by local preservation groups for traditional folk dances on Jan. 1…

Hatsumōdë 2023 impressions
The weather on the Pacific coast of Japan was good this year, and the government was not urging any restrictions on travel, and so all the jinja saw increased numbers over the first three days of the year…

Experts solve mystery of ‘mermonkey mummy’ at Buddhist temple
NHK World
An object looking like a mummy of a monkey with a fish tail has long been held at a Buddhist temple in western Japan. A group of researchers recently scrutinized the mummy of the so-called mermonkey, which combines the words mermaid with monkey, and says it is an artifact made around the 19th century…

Other News

CT scan reveals 49 amulets in ancient Egyptian mummy
Heritage Daily
A CT scan has revealed that a 2,300-year-old ancient Egyptian mummy has 49 amulets placed within the body…

Artemis is a new body suit for period pain – here’s why it’s named after a Greek goddess
Open University
Helen King, Professor Emerita of Classical Studies at The Open University, shares her knowledge of the Greek goddess Artemis whose name has been adopted by the makers of the latest garment used to ease period pain…

The cute little Valentine’s Day cupid we know today can be traced back to a vengeful Roman god who was also a mama’s boy
The original Cupid was the son of Venus, Roman goddess of love and beauty…

Dog owners tout Xolos’ loyalty and sacred underworld history
The Associated Press
Mezcal is not your ordinary pet. Hundreds of years ago the Latin American Indigenous group, the Nahuas, believed that a hairless dog like him, a Xoloitzcuintle, was a sacred creature who could guide its deceased master through the underworld…

‘Witch Hunts’ Past & Present

UK: Site at St Ninian’s, Kelty, set to be home for ‘Witchcraft’ memorial
Dunfermline Press
A national memorial at Kelty to commemorate Scots who were killed for being a witch has come a step forward…

Children accused of ‘witchcraft’ find solace in east Congo shelter
It is not uncommon in some African countries for frail children like Ornella, who suffers from a genetic form of anaemia, to be considered a bad omen and blamed for the mishaps that befall isolated and impoverished communities…

Uganda: Woman, 50, killed by own son on allegations of practicing witchcraft – police 
Police in Kabale District in western Uganda are investigating a case in which a 50-year-old Rwandan woman who has been living in the border village of Hakabungo, Mukarangye ward in Katuna town council was allegedly killed by her son who accused her of ‘practicing of witchcraft’ following his new baby’s death…

Ghana: Daughter of 63-year-old accused of ‘witchcraft’ seeks justice
My Joy Online
A 63-year-old woman, Francisca Dzisi has been accused by a supposed pastor, Peter Ofori, of ‘witchcraft’ at Sovie in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region…

India: Man shot at over suspicion of ‘practising witchcraft’
Unidentified miscreants shot a man in Ghodapanka village under Adaba police station of Gajapati district for allegedly ‘practising witchcraft and sorcery’…

Nigeria: Woman arraigned for calling neighbours ‘witches’
Daily Trust
A housewife in Bwari Area Council of the FCT was on Friday arraigned before an area court in Bwari town for accusing a couple of ‘witchcraft’…


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