They’re Remaking “The Craft” Don’t Get Upset

They’re Remaking “The Craft” Don’t Get Upset May 13, 2015

It’s been fun this evening watching a lot of my fellow Pagans flip out. In case you haven’t heard Sony Pictures is moving forward with a remake of the seminal “sort-of-like-Wicca-movie” The Craft. I know that for a lot of Pagan-Witches The Craft was an important moment, but it wasn’t Shakespeare.

The Craft (Original Version)  ©1996 Sony Pictures
The Craft (Original Version) ©1996 Sony Pictures

In between the teeth-gnashing this evening there’s something a lot of people are forgetting: The Craft wasn’t high art. It was a fun, campy, horror-movie. It’s not sacred ground now and it wasn’t then. For those upset about a potential remake, are you worried that they might not get the god Manon right the second time around?

I know it feels like Hollywood has run out of ideas, and maybe they have, but sequels and reboots are a part of the movie business. How many times have new versions of Godzilla risen out of the Pacific Ocean? A remake of The Craft was probably inevitable, and a new one won’t erase the old one anyways. I’ve heard that they’ve remade The Wicker Man too, but I refuse to believe it (even after seeing it).

Here’s an idea, maybe this reboot of The Craft will be good?!? Director (and co-writer) Leigh Janiak got rave reviews* for her movie The Honeymoon, and I love the idea of a woman directing a film featuring young women. Isn’t that something to get excited about? Hollywood is still notorious for being a boys-only club. Who knows what a kick-ass movie with a kick-ass female director might lead to?

There’s also a part of me that wonders if Hollywood will get it right this time. Perhaps something resembling Modern Witchcraft will get used by the hero character and I’ll never have to hear about Manon again. Maybe Witches will get cast in a positive light this go round. I’m not hopeful, but it might happen. And if Witches aren’t shown in a positive way, maybe they won’t make parts of it look so similar to my own practice. I think that might be a win too.

Besides, doesn’t every new generation deserve their own version of The Craft to see what Witchcraft kind-of-sort-of looks like? And don’t worry, for those of you who grew up on The Craft and are lamenting its remake, you can look forward to answering questions about it for the next couple of years! You’ll love teaching binding-spells to the next generation.

The best news of all out of this? Maybe it means Silver Ravenwolf will reboot her book Teen Witch to go along with the new movie!

(Why all the tweets? Why not!?! Thought it was fun!)

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*It was pointed out to me in the comments that Honeymoon only had a 70% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so maybe they weren’t all “rave” reviews, but that’s solid for a first time film-maker.

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