More Witchcraft & Pagan Trivia

More Witchcraft & Pagan Trivia September 27, 2019

Here they are, fifty more questions to test your knowledge of Paganisms past and present! The answers are at the bottom, and any mistakes are my own, please let me know (nicely) in the comments if you find one.

The following questions range from super-easy to extremely difficult. Some of them contain some silly possible answers, while others are designed to confuse. Whatever you do with them, I hope you enjoy. (And please feel free to use these for whatever you wish, no credit is required.)

Image by Dan Swanzen via Pixabay, Public Domain.

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1. What is the birth name of Lady Sheba?

A. Miriam Stamos
B. Helen Miren Logan
C. Jessie Wicker Bell
D. Heather Greene

2. What year is generally cited as the official start of the Reclaiming Tradition in Witchcraft?

A. 1979
B. 1975
C. 1969
D. 1982

3. Vance Randolph’s Ozark Magic and Folklore was originally titled _____ ?

A. Witches of the Ozarks
B. Southern Granny Magic
C. Folklore and Spells from the Ozarks
D. Ozark Superstitions

4. What is the name of the woman who acted as Charles Leland’s “informant” on Italian Witchcraft while writing Aradia: Or the Gospel of the Witches?

A. Francesca Le
B. Maddalena
C. Valentina
D. Sofia Rosa

5. Santa Muerte’s worship first began in what country?

A. Mexico
B. Honduras
C. Haiti
D. United States

6. What is the name of the priestess in Dion Fortune’s 1938 novel The Sea Priestess?

A. Ellen Dugan
B. Morrigan Dreamer
C. Vivien Le Fay Morgan
D. Doreen Valiente

Evie doesn’t know the answers to these questions.

7. What is the name of Laura Tempest Zakroff’s first book for Llewellyn?

A. The Witch’s Cauldron
B. Weaving the Liminal
C. The Witch’s Athame
D. Bellydance Magic

8. Kristoffer Hughes designed what Tarot deck?

A. The Druid’s Tarot
B. Tarot of Anglesey
C. The Arthurian Tarot
D. The Celtic Tarot

9. Rocket scientist and Thelemite Jack Parsons was married to what famous occult artist?

A. Marjorie Cameron
B. Austin Osman Spare
C. Pamela Coleman-Smith
D. Florence Farr

10. “Summerlands” as a term for a world in the afterlife comes from what spiritual group/philosophy?

A. The Golden Dawn
B. Thelema
C. Theosophy
D. Wicca

11. What year did Wendy Rule release her first record?

A. 1996
B. 2001
C. 1999
D. 2004

12. What is the name of the Druid group formed at Minnesotta’s Carleton College in 1963?

A. Order of Bards Ovates and Druids
B. Druids for Academic Freedom
C. Reformed Druids of North America

13. What state was Scott Cunningham born in? (Bonus if you can name the city too!)

A. California
B. Florida
C. Ohio
D. Michigan

14. Aleister Crowley received the text known as The Book of the Law in what country?

A. United States
B. France
C. Egypt
D. United Kingdom

15. Australian Witch Fiona Horne was a member of what popular 90’s alternative band?

A. L7
B. Def FX
C. Belly

16. Raymond Buckland makes an appearance in what HBO Documentary film?

A. Witchcraft From the Inside
B. Fright Night: A History of Halloween
C. Occult & Magic in America
D. No One Dies in Lily Dale

17. What best-selling book from 1980 helped usher in the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s and early 90’s?

A. The Satan Seller
B. Black Sabbath, Dungeons & Dragons, and Satan’s Quest for Your Soul
C. Michelle Remembers
D. Dangerous Times: The Rise of the Satanic Left

18. The songs from 1973’s occult masterpiece The Wicker Man are credited to what band?

A. Magnet
B. Jethro Tull
C. Summerisle
D. Uncle Howie & The Deadbeats

19. In what year was the first PantheaCon held?

A. 2001
B. 1991
C. 1994
D. 1988

20. What is the name of writer Rhiannon Ryall’s first book?

A. Wicca: The Old Religion
B. West Country Wicca: A Journal of the Old Religion
C. Changing Seasons: The Ritual Year in Britain
D. Traditional Witchcraft: Dancing the Stang

21. The “white handled knife” used in Wiccan-Witchcraft is sometimes known by what other name?

A. Kirfane
B. Artame
C. Boline
D. Kris

22. The sabbat of Imbolc is often associated with which Celtic goddess?

A. The Morrigan
B. Cerridwen
C. Brigid
D. Avalon

23. What iconic member of Fleetwood Mac is thought by many to be a Witch?

A. Lindsey Buckingham
B. Christine Perfect
C. Tori Amos
D. Stevie Nicks

24. OBOD (The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids) was formed after its founder Ross Nichols split from what Druid organization?

A. Ancient Druid Order
B. Druids of Great Britain
C. Reformed Druids of North America

25. What god is generally thought to be the father of the Greek god Pan?

A. Zeus
B. Poseidon
C. Hermes
D. Kronos

Summer looking cute. She doesn’t know the answers either.

26. Doreen Valiente wrote the introduction to which of the following books?

A. Drawing Down the Moon
B. Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed
C. The Spiral Dance
D. Transformative Witchcraft

27. PaganSquare is the website of what Pagan magazine?

A. Circle Network News
B. The Green Egg
C. PanGaia
D. Witches & Pagans

28. What is the name of the coven Gerald Gardner was allegedly initiated into in 1939?

A. Old Forest Coven
B. Horsa Coven
C. New Forest Coven
D. Coven of the Old Religion

29. Author Thorn Mooney is a part of what Witchcraft tradition?

A. Gardnerian
B. Alexandrian
C. Old Celtic Church
D. Reclaiming

30. According to statistical data at Patheos Pagan, what is the most popular sabbat among Witches and Pagans?

A. Yule
B. Beltane
C. Ostara
D. Samhain

31. The word “witch” derives from what Old English word?

A. wicca
B. which
C. wicha
D. yitch

32. The grimoire The Necromicon arose from what tradition/culture?

A. Sumerian
B. Greek
C. Roman
D. Fiction

Cats can do magick today!

33. “Cakes and Ale” is an English expression that first shows up in what Shakespeare Play?

A. Hamlet
B. Twelfth Night
C. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
D. Romeo and Juliet

34. In what state was The Church of All Worlds founded in?

A. California
B. New York
C. Missouri
D. Minnesota

35. When is the “veil between the worlds” said to be the thinnest?

A. Beltane
B. Every full moon
C. Samhain
D. Yule

36. Which goddess is the wife of Dionysus?

A. Aphrodite
B. Ariadne
C. Selene
D. Thera

37. What rock star participated in a Wiccan-style handfasting?

A. Robert Plant
B. Jimi Hendrix
C. Ozzy Osbourne
D. Jim Morrison

38. 1989’s A Wiccan Bardo was one of the first books to include “Wiccan” in its title. Who wrote it?

A. Scott Cunningham
B. Paul Beyerl
C. Raymond Buckland
D. DJ Conway

39. What Bay Area Pagan event is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2019?

A. The Spiral Dance
B. PantheaCon
B. Hexenfest
D. Goddess Night

40. What two Pagans write the Patheos Pagan blog The Witches Next Door?

A. Jason and Ari Mankey
B. Rhyd Wildermuth and Alley Valkyrie
C. Michael Star and Lexie Foxx
D. Phoenix LeFae & Gwion Raven

41. English Witch Doreen Valiente’s tools were featured at a special exhibition hosted by what English manor in 2016?

A. Preston Manor
C. Brighton Manor
C. Downton Abbey
D. Kirkham Manor

42. What is the name of the Witch featured in Hans Holzer’s 1975 book Confessions of a Witch?

A. Rhiannon
B. Raven
C. Heather
D. Lily

Those eyes!

43. What rock band had a top 40 hit in United Kingdom during the 1980’s with a song about the Goddess titled Hymn to Her?

B. The Waterboys
C. Velvet Hammer
D. The Pretenders

44. How many people were burned at the stake during the Witch Trials in Salem Massachusetts?

A. 12
B. 42
C. 0
D. 3

45. What member of the BeeGees was married to a Druid?

A. Robin Gibb
B. Maurice Gibb
C. Andy Gibb
D. Barry Gibb

46. What Witch podcast was profiled by the The Onion’s AV Club in 2012?

A. The Crooked Path
B. Pagan Radio
C. The Witch & The Way

D. Modern Witch

47. What two Witches share a birthday (January 4)?

A. Alex Sanders & Laura Tempest Zakroff
B. Rae Bone & Kelden
C. Victor Anderson & Storm Faerywolf
D. Doreen Valiente & Jason Mankey

48. What night is the most sacred in New Orleans Voodoo?

A. All Hallow’s Eve
B. St. John’s Eve
C. Twelfth Night
D. The Feast of Marie Laveau

49. In the story of the Oak and Holly Kings, which brother traditionally dies on the Winter Solstice?

A. Oak King
B. Holly King

50. What city is the home of the Pagan festival ConVocation?

A. Boston
B. Salem
C. Detroit
D. Seattle

Evie is the sweetest cat.


1. C. Jessie Wicker Bell
2. A. 1979
3. D. Ozark Superstitions
4. B. Maddalena
5. A. Mexico
6. C. Vivien Le Fay Morga
7. A. The Witch’s Cauldron
8. D. The Celtic Tarot
9. A. Marjorie Cameron
10. C. Theosophy
11. A. 1996
12. C. Reformed Druids of North America

13. D. Michigan, in the city of Royal Oak
14. C. Egypt
15. B. Def FX
16. D. No One Dies in Lily Dale
17. C. Michelle Remembers
18. A. Magnet
19. C. 1994
20. B. West Country Wicca: A Journal of the Old Religion
21. A. Kirfane (or kerfan)
22. C. Brigid
23. D. Stevie Nicks
24. A. Ancient Druid Order
25. C. Hermes
26. B. Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed
27. D. Witches & Pagans
28. C. New Forest Coven
29. A. Gardnerian
30. D. Samhain
31. A. wicca
32. D. Fiction
33. B. Twelfth Night
34. C. Missouri
35. C. Samhain
36. B. Ariadne
37. D. Jim Morrison
38. B. Paul Beyerl
39. A. The Spiral Dance
40. D. Phoenix LeFae & Gwion Raven
41. A. Preston Manor
42. C. Heather
43. D. The Pretenders
44. C. 0 (19 died by hanging, one from torture, and four died in their cells, but none were burned to death.)
45. A. Robin Gibb (never thought you’d see the BeeGees and Paganism together did you?)
46. D. Modern Witch
47. D. Doreen Valiente & Jason Mankey (that’s right, we are both Capricorns!)
48. B. St. John’s Eve
49. B. Holly King
50. C. Detroit

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