Monday Morning Confessional

Monday Morning Confessional April 8, 2013

I confess that I’m ambivalent, if not a little bit cranky about the coming of Spring. It feels like winter was just getting going and Spring had to come a long and ruin everything. 25-30 inches of snow in a month? We had it great there for awhile.

I confess that I’m trying to have a good attitude about spring this year, but I can already feel myself gearing up to hear phrases like, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Can I just say… it’s the heat… the heat makes the humidity possible. Nobody worries about the humidity in January. January is awesome. Another seasonal favorite is “a new record high for today,” or “hottest August on record.” Then there’s my personal favorite, “My allergies are killing me.” I use that one a lot. To all of you spring lovers, I’m trying my best to get with the program this year. I just want to remind you that Spring and summer will mean: sneezing, bees, wasps, insects smashing on your windshield, early morning bird noises, road construction, swimsuits, snakes on the running trail, mosquitoes, mowing the grass (over and over and over), moss covering over every little pond, no more jackets (jackets are cool), and flop sweat… Just a little something to think about.

I confess that I my perfect Franken-meal would be: Cheeseburger from 5 Guys, french fries from Oklahoma Joe’s, beans from Jack Stack, Cherry-limeaid from Sonic, and a homemade brownie sundae. I confess that I always keep a franken-meal in mind and update it when I find a better component.

I confess that I’m almost finished with the Alister McGrath biography of C.S. Lewis. It’s been a really fun read – I’ll blog about it soon.

I confess that I have a ton of reading to do to get ready for my summer preaching schedule.

I confess that every six months or so I have to redo my personal schedule and the way I organize my time. This is partly because I’m a part of a family and schedules change. But I’m always chasing productivity and it seems like I have to constantly shift my schedule in order to keep from falling into an unproductive rut.

I confess that I cleaned off my computer desktop this morning and I it feels pretty good, even though it exposed a serious problem that I will have to address sooner or later. I need to completely reorganize my electronic filing system. Th old one no longer makes any sense. It was built over a decade ago & I think it’s time to re-imagine it and completely rework my computer organizational structure. I confess that this task is so daunting that I will probably never do it. First, it would take a lot of planning. Second, it would take a TON of time, most of it spent opening thousands of antiquated files to see what’s in them so I don’t jettison anything important. Third, I have this fear that I won’t be able to navigate the new system & I’ll lose stuff.

I confess that I’m bummed to have missed the Wheaton Theology Conference this past week. I confess that I’m so grateful to Wheaton for always placing their talks online. For a pastor w/a crazy schedule and a low budget, it’s a gift.

I confess that I’m praying for Rick Warren and his family today. I confess that I’m also praying for David Kuo’s family, and am grateful for all of the work he did writing over the past few years.

Okay friends! I make my confession, now it’s time for you to make yours. Specifically I’m looking for reasons to love spring and summer, or at least your perfect franken-meal.

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